SPLIT Workout:
The Ultimate Split Workouts Tracking App

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Custom Workout Plans

Create two, three, or four day workout plans that fit your schedule, experience, or goals.

Custom Exercises

Start with a set of predefined exercises, or add your own.

Timed Blocks

Get the most out of your EDT workout by setting your own block lengths.

Workout History

See an overview of past workouts or drill down for details on sets and reps.

Progress Charts

These interactive charts will help you see how your lifting weight or reps are improving over time.


Customize everying from breaks to automated weight increses.

Why Timed Blocks?

You don't have to spend 90, 100, or 120 min at the gym. With SPLIT Workout you can cut that time in half or more. And with the timed blocks you race the clock to work harder, faster, and more efficiently.

  • You spend less time at the gym and get better results
  • You don't take unnecessary breaks
  • Your workouts are more intense
  • Your heart rate stays up

How Does It Work?

SPLIT Workout comes with predefined workouts and exercises, but it also allows you to create your own. It's perfect for tracking EDT (Escalating Density Training) workouts.

Each workout day consists of two timed blocks with two oposing exercises in each. Block times are set to 10 minutes by default, but you can change it to whatever works for you. We don't recommend more than 15 min per block.

For example, if you are doing bench press and cable row, set your weight so you can complete 25-35 reps of each over a 15 minute period. If you miss the rep range goal of 50-70 reps by more than 15 reps, lower your weight. If you exceed the goal by 15 (20%) reps, SPLIT Workout will increase your weight by the amount specified in the settings.


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